Nationally famous intermediate-distance track race

This track race is held at the Nishishina Athletic Field in May.  It is a battle among top athletes from around the world and Japan, including the members of the Asahi Chemical Company Track and Field Team which features many Olympic athletes.

Sports Town Nobeoka

Golden games



Runners compete to set new records!

This marathon, held each February, is officially recognized by the Japan Track and Field Association.  The marathon starts and ends at the front of Nobeoka City Hall.

The handprints (and footprints for runners) of 41 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from Nobeoka are displayed in front of Nobeoka Station.

Nobeoka Western Japan Marathon

Athletes Hand and

Footprint Monument

延岡西日本マラソン 手形・足形モニュメント

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大相撲 東関部屋 延岡合宿
ベガルタ仙台 春季キャンプ

Grand Sumo Camp

Vegalta Sendai Spring Camp

The Vegalta Sendai J-League professional soccer team conducts its Spring Camp in February at the Nishishina Athletic Field.  Fans can watch scrimmages during the training camp.

Grand Sumo Azumaseki Stable holds its training camp in December.  Each day spectators can come for free and watch training for Sumo, the national sport of Japan.


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